Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Come Along With Me!

Hello! My name is Mary and I'm on a journey.

I've always loved food and cooking, but hid from it for too many years. Now, with the help of some dear friends (who are world-class chefs) I'm exploring as much as I can of the culinary world. I hope you'll join me on my Cuisine Quest.


  1. I've bookmarked this site and I'll be following you!

  2. Hello! I'm "mom2acat" from the WNTW team on Spark; looking forward to following your blog. I keep a blog here too.

  3. Would like to follow your blog too. But I have not idea how to subscribe so that I get an email when you post a new post.

    Skirnir from Spark

  4. This is so nice!
    I am so glad you started your blog.
    I will try to subscribe to it!